About Us

PureNaijaEntLTD® is a fully functioning Arts&Culture, Event Entertainment Management Company based in the UK. We specialise in African Arts, Animations, Concert Promotions, Club Nights Promotions and educating the world about the original positive African/Nigerian story. In august 2011, IT crooner and B2B & B2C professionals brings together a combined 15+ years of entertainment, creative and events experience to create PureNaijaEntLTD®. Artistes, arts, acts, documentary, story, music, comedy, language, DJs’ and dance promoted via PureNaijaEntLTD® are of Nigerian/African descent however we understand the changing demand of the upward mobile youth and their quest for contextual entertainment in this constantly evolving marketplace, we also understand the daunting misunderstanding of the struggle, tough upbringing, language barrier, limitations, creativity, ability and credibility of the Nigerian youth. We are speaking for the unheard and by far showcasing the most undiluted and authentic representation of the brand Nigeria home, abroad and anywhere on the face of the planet. It is a unique opportunity to feel, hear, know, smell, taste and think Nigeria beyond the limited scope of international media coverage but an in-depth and detailed focus on its creative strength from all angles humanly possible. This is entirely focused on educating and changing the misconception of everyone watching from a distance often prone to judging by diluted second-hand information. The PureNaijaEntLTD® revolution is bringing the real story to everyone and leaving you to judge Nigeria by yourselves.


Our Vision

To leverage the unique flavour of Nigerian creative culture. To create compelling content which can be packaged in concerts, night-outs, TV, Music, film, podcast or experimental media format. To achieve a global positive Nigerian brand expression and project partner organisations’ image.


Our Mission

To give the local and international upward mobile youth first class information about Nigeria. Recognise the downplayed and neglected key players while making room for more records to be made and broken. Engaging the corporate world actively by showcasing Nigerias’ unique selling points to communicate its brand image. Remove all the hurdles from getting undiluted Nigerian entertainment. Provide access to 360 degrees entertainment as it consistently represents excellent creative values. Source interesting and exciting talent for our audience. Act responsibly, professionally and ethically in every aspect of our daily activities.